Hard alloy industry forum held on-site production cooperation agreement signed 17

As one of the major activities of the National Entrepreneur Day 2017 and the Annual Meeting of Chinese Entrepreneurs, the "Carbide Industry Summit Forum and Matchmaking Symposium on Production and Demand Cooperation" was held in Zhuzhou. The country's top cemented carbide experts and entrepreneurs came together to discuss the production and application of cemented carbide materials and collaborative research and cooperation for the "Made in China 2025" to seek "strong gluten bone" good strategy. The meeting signed 17 production and demand cooperation agreement.

     The theme of this forum is "Celestial Alloy Celestial World, Building China's Future Together." The leaders from the relevant ministries and commissions of the State Ministry of Industry and Information and Economic Commission of the province believed that Zhuzhou City is an important new material industrial base in China and formed a relatively perfect industrial chain. The advanced hard material industrial chain is also the 20 emerging advantages that Hunan Province focuses on nurturing In the next five years, Hunan Province will give prominence to the innovation and quality brand building of cemented carbide and cultivate a group of leading backbone enterprises represented by ZhuHao Group, and strive to build Hunan into a world-class research and development of advanced hard materials Manufacturing base, the hard alloy in Hunan into a hard manufacturing in China, reputable business cards.

     Zhuzhou Tengfei, secretary of the Zhuzhou municipal party committee and director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, said that the cemented carbide industry in Zhuzhou started early and has formed a relatively complete industrial system and has gathered more than 100 enterprises including Zhuhai Hard Group. It is the largest carbide production base in the country. Zhuzhou will seize the opportunity to explore and solve the key issues in the carbide industry in resource integration, technological innovation, brand loss, etc., to promote industrial development.

     Summit Forum, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ge Changchun, Chinese Academy of Engineering Huang Boyun, Tan Jianrong, general manager of China Tungsten Materials Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co., Ltd. General Manager Xie Kangde made a "Strategic Emerging Industries, the key material needs and Present Situation "," Carbide Boost Made in China 2025 "," Intelligent Manufacturing and Intelligent Services: Key Technologies and Applications, "and" Building China's First, World-Class Tungsten Industry Group ".

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