Analysis of latest tungsten market in China on Apr. 01, 2022

China tungsten price keeps stable in the last trading day of March as participants mostly remain cautious sentiment in the face of supply chain disruptions caused by international conflicts and the epidemic, soaring energy prices, constrained logistics and reduced consumption momentum in manufacturing. 

In the tungsten concentrate market, product offers were $19,354.8/ton but no deals concluded. Market trading becomes slowly under the pressure of cost and mining enterprises have strong rised mentality as they are optimistic about the outlook under environmental protection, inflation and high value of strategic resources in the context of geopolitical conflicts. 

In the APT market, offers of spot resources stabilized at $33.5/mtu. Under the background of high cost of raw and auxiliary materials, manufacturers make offers actively. However, according to the research of Chinatungsten Online, the current market smelting capacity is sufficient to meet the consumption of the back-end, and the demand momentum to support the continuous market exploration is limited, and traders are basically rational and cautious.

In the tungsten powder market, the price increase in the cemented carbide market caused by tight supply of cobalt powder has caused the tungsten powder market to resonate, and market price tends to rise to $45.2/kg. However, the industry is still concerned about the global conflict and the demand pressure caused by the epidemic.

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